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Amberley Wildbrooks

This is an interesting walk taking in diverse aspects of the countryside. It starts in the rural village of Amberley before heading out into the open landscape of the wildbrooks, then looping back round via rural lanes and woods. The walk is best avoided in winter as the ground can get waterlogged.

Walk - Amberley Wildbrooks - A1.jpg

Map & Info

Walk - Amberley Wildbrooks - MAP.PNG

Quick Details

Start / finish

Amberley village centre (junction of School Rd & Church St) 

Distance / ascent / time est.

5.5 miles / 146ft / 2-3hrs

Surface / terrain

Tracks, footpaths & lanes / undulating

Stiles / road crossings

Several stiles / no road crossings

Other info

Some parts of walk go along quiet B roads. Can be flooded in winter. On the way back are two good pubs - The Sportsman & Black Horse.

Blue square = 1km sq

Numbers correspond to directions below

Written Directions

+ use the images below for additional guidance!

Walk along Church Road and take the first right turn onto Hog Lane (1, 1a), then the left turn between the houses and down the slope onto the footpath (1b).

You’ll stay on this path all the way through Amberley Wildbrooks. It starts off wide and chalky, goes between trees and then starts to narrow as it goes through a more waterlogged area, defined by wooden boards and tall vegetation all around (2, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 2f, 2g, 2h).

Eventually the path emerges into open landscape again and you cross a wooden bridge over a small stream (3).

Cross the open land, with mature trees on your right, and turn left through the gate (4).

Follow the path (4a), bearing right along a stony lane (4b) and a cottage on the right. At the T junction, turn left (5), following the footpath sign.

Walk through the farm on the twisting track (5a, 5b). Soon you’ll pass a small place called The Cabin — just past here, take the footpath going off to the left (6) into the trees, soon emerging onto the river bank (6a).

When you reach Greatham Bridge, turn right (7) onto Brook Lane. This is a generally quiet country road (7a) but doesn’t have a pavement, so keep well to the side.

After passing Wayside Cottages (7b) you’ll reach a junction — turn right (8) onto Greatham Road and follow it down, pass dwellings (8a), until you reach a signposted footpath going off to the right (9, 9a), heading into trees.

The footpath narrows and soon you’ll see fields on the right (9b), with great views over the floodplain.

After a while you’ll see a wooden bridge (10) – cross over it and soon you’ll reach the picturesque Rackham Mill (10a). Just beyond, go over the stile leading into the woods (11).

This path is diverse (11a, 11b, 11c, 11d, 11e), changing in nature fairly frequently, with stiles, narrow plank bridges and a grassy track. Just keep following the footpath signs and you won’t go wrong.

Eventually the path cuts through the middle of a field (12), rising steadily upwards until it joins a road. Turn right onto the road (13), and keep following it until you eventually arrive back in Amberley village.

A left turn at The Black Horse will put you on the High Street, which after a few yards becomes School Road, where you parked.

Photographic Directions

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