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Angmering Stud Farm

A circular, flat walk, involving one stile. The walk takes you through woods and fields and past the picturesque house and gardens of Angmering Park Stud Farm.

Walk - Angmering Stud Farm - A1.jpg

Map & Info

Walk - Angmering Stud Farm - MAP.jpg

Quick Details

Start / finish

The Dover car park (free)

Distance / ascent / time est.

3.6 miles / 228ft / 1-2hrs

Surface / terrain

Tracks & footpaths / undulating

Stiles / road crossings

One stile / no road crossings

Other info

N / A

Blue square = 1km sq

Numbers correspond to directions below

Written Directions

+ use the images below for additional guidance!

From the car park there are several paths taking you onto Angmering park. Take the path going left off the private road towards a metal gate (1), and join a gravel lane (1a) with a fence on your right.

Follow the gravel lane up to a house and keep right (2).

Follow the path between the timberstacks (2a) and eventually you will come to a narrow turning by the cottages on the right (3).

At the end of the narrow woodland path turn right (4) and follow the path between the fields (4a).

When you reach the private tarmac drive turn right (5) and immediately left to continue the path with the hedge on the left (5a).

The path drops sharply and you will come to a main path where there is a stile and gate on the left into a copse (6). Cross the stile and after a short distance emerge into the landscaped lawns and paths of Angmering Park Stud Farm with the well-appointed house elevated on the left and a pond on the right.

Take the signposted gravel footpath to the right (7) and pass between farm buildings and through a gate (7a, 7b).

At a small paddock (8) leave the main track and bear right along the signposted grassy footpath into the woods (9).

Pass through the gap in the fence (9a) and then through another fence (9b).
When you reach the main gravel path, turn left (10).

Follow the wide path past the estate cottages (11), over the private lane. Soon you’ll reach a main junction of paths: turn left, walking away from the field (12).

Follow this path (12a) until you eventually retrace your first steps and reach the car park.

Photographic Directions

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