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Clapham Wood

Starting at the 12th century St Mary the Virgin Church in Clapham village, this walk is mainly through woodland but there is a stretch of field at the end. The walk is particularly lovely in spring, when the wood anemones are flowering, followed by bluebells, though it can be enjoyed any time of year.

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Map & Info

Walk - Clapham Wood - MAP.jpg

Quick Details

Start / finish

Clapham Church car park (free)

Distance / ascent / time est.

3 miles / 264ft / 1-2hrs

Surface / terrain

Footpaths / undulating

Stiles / road crossings

Several stiles / no road crossings

Other info

N / A

Blue square = 1km sq

Numbers correspond to directions below

Written Directions

+ use the images below for additional guidance!

Walk through the churchyard to the back and enter a field over a stile (1). There are often horses here. Walk straight across to another stile (2) which takes you into the woods.
Follow the path which eventually takes you to another stile (3). Crossing this takes you across a field with mature trees in it.

Another stile takes you back into the woods, and the path opens up to a field with a fence on the right (4). Follow the fence to the end and turn left back into the woods.

Cross another stile into a field, then another two or three stiles along the way through woods and fields, until you end up on a longer track going through woodland (5), with a steep downward slope on your left.

This track eventually opens up onto a grassy plain (6) with lovely views of Patching Common over to the left, with Long Furlong beneath.

Turn immediately right, doubling back in a V shape, back into the woods (7) to start completing the circle.

Keep following this path all the way down, keeping straight ahead/left when it forks (8).
As the path widens out, you’ll pass Keeper’s Cottage on the right, before the path opens up with farmland on both sides of the hedges.

Look out for a stile in the bank on the right (it’s easy to miss!), which takes you up into a field (9), where there are usually sheep.

Follow the path across the field until you come to another stile. Make sure you cross this and keep to the left of the fence (10).

At the end of the path, turn left back into Clapham village, where you can walk back down The Street to the church.

Photographic Directions

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