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Perry Hill

A stunner of a walk with a satisfying mix of scenery, from hills with commanding views to riverside forest. The first part is the hardest, with a steady climb to the top of Perry Hill, but then the route flattens out for the most part, before dropping down to the River Arun below Burpham to finish. One part is quite steep (down some steps) and overgrown in summer, but it gets easier as you go down.

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Map & Info

Walk - Perry Hill - MAP.jpg

Quick Details

Start / finish

Burpham Village Hall car park (free)

Distance / ascent / time est.

6.1 miles / 564ft / 3-4hrs

Surface / terrain

Footpaths & tracks / hilly

Stiles & road crossings

Several stiles / no road crossings

Other info

N / A

Blue square = 1km sq

Numbers correspond to directions below

Written Directions

+ use the images below for additional guidance!

From the carpark walk round the Village Hall to get to the recreation ground, and walk along the fence on the left side, passing a playground on the right, then take a left turn over the stile in the fence and walk across the field.

Go over the stile directly opposite, then go down the steps and join the lane, walking between two barns and then up the hill to a T junction.

Turn left, then take the next right (1). Soon the lane turns to a grassy path (you’re now walking up Perry Hill), and you’ll come to a stile – go over it and continue upwards. Behind you are great views of Arundel Castle and Cathedral.

Towards the top you’ll go over another stile, then keep to the right as the path winds upwards. After a few yards you’ll see a stile to your left (2) – go over it, kind of doubling back on yourself, and follow the path along the ridge, with the hedge on your right, and the hill dropping down to reveal amazing views to the left.

Go over the next stile and continue on, passing Norfolk Clump (a thick, circular copse) on your right, going straight on at the crossroads, as the track turns to chalk.

Keep on the track as it descends and bends around to the right, and when it arrives at a T junction, go left (3).

Keep on this track as it goes straight ahead for a few yards, and then bends round to the left (4). There is a great view of the track itself as it undulates through the countryside – keep on it.

About halfway along, there’s a great view to the left, often full of poppies in summer, and you can see Norfolk Clump on the ridge you’ve just walked along.

At the of the track, at the T junction, go left and then take the next right (5), a few yards on. The track bends round to the left, starting to descend.

After about 5 minutes walking, look out for a path going off to the right – it’s just by an iron gate (6). It is signposted but quite easy to miss!

This path descends steeply down some steps (7). It can be quite overgrown in summer but persevere – it gets easier the further you go down, and there is a rail to support.

At the bottom of the steps turn left, following a grassy path (8) with fields to your right.

Just as the path turns to a track and starts to bend upwards to the left, look out for a stile on the right (9) – it’s the second one you come to; ignore the first one! Go over it and turn left, keeping to the edge of the field as it bends round to the left.

Go over the stile, then bear right slightly to stay on the track as it goes between some small trees (10), then keep to the left edge again until you go over another stile next to a gate.
Keep going straight ahead until you get to a T junction, and go to the right, soon passing over another stile (11).

Keep going straight along, through an open grassy area (the Arun is adjacent to the right), then into some trees at the other end. Keep on this path, turning right when you get to a fence (12), and follow it until some steps appear going up to the left (13). Go up these and this path takes you back to the Village Hall where you started.

Photographic Directions

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