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Poling Paths

A completely flat walk with no stiles that meanders from Poling through fields, along copses and past chicken coops to Lyminster, before running for a little while on the pavement along Lyminster Road, and then heading back along rural lanes to return to Poling.

Walk - Poling Paths - A1.jpg

Map & Info

Walk - Poling Paths - MAP.jpg

Quick Details

Start / finish

Poling Street

Distance / ascent / time est.

3.2 miles / 18ft / 1-2hrs

Surface / terrain

Tracks, footpaths & pavements / flat

Stiles / road crossings

No stiles / two road crossings (Lyminster Road - can be quite busy!)

Other info

N / A

Blue square = 1km sq

Numbers correspond to directions below

Written Directions

+ use the images below for additional guidance!

Walk down the gravel path, ignoring a left turn, until you see a footpath post on the right, and turn right onto the path running through the field (1).

Once you’ve crossed into the next field, turn left (2) and then follow the path round the edge, as it goes to the right around a corner slightly further on. Walk straight on along the path (2a), between fields, towards the trees.

Once you reach the trees, turn left (3) to join the corner of a field and again keep to its edge, following the path round to the right along the treeline.

The path becomes wide and grassy, and you’ll see chicken coops off to the left. Follow the path as it goes up to the corner and then around to the left (4).

The path now runs in a straight line past several chicken coops. Once you’ve walked past the first two coops, keep to the right, going straight on into the next field (4a), where you’ll walk past two more. When the chickens see you they’ll probably come over and follow you along the fence as you walk!

Eventually you’ll arrive at another field, and be able to see the Brewhouse building in the distance. Turn left (5) and follow the path down, between a fence on the left and the field on the right.

When you arrive at the lane, turn right (6) and follow it down to Lyminster Road.
Cross the road to the pavement and turn left (7), following the road down all the way to a sharp right bend.

Walk round most of the bend before crossing over and taking the path going left (8), keeping the house on the left, and soon you’ll be on a rural lane with hedges each side. This will take you in a straight line all the way back to Poling Street, soon opening out into scenic fields on both sides.

Photographic Directions

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