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Wepham Wood

A straightforward woodland walk, with well-marked, flat paths. When the weather is dry this walk would be suitable for a buggy. The best time of year is spring when the bluebells are out. It is an easy way to see them without having to walk too far with children. Lovely any time of year though.

Walk - Wepham Wood - A1.jpg

Map & Info

Walk - Wepham Wood - MAP.jpg

Quick Details

Start / finish

Blakehurst car park (free)

Distance / ascent / time est.

2.2 miles / 119ft / 1-2hrs

Surface / terrain

Tracks & footpaths / flat

Stiles / road crossings

No stiles / no road crossings

Other info

N / A

Blue square = 1km sq

Numbers correspond to directions below

Written Directions

+ use the images below for additional guidance!

From the parking area, walk down the gravel path, passing the big green barn on the right.

Walk through a gate (1) into the woodland and take the wide right-hand path (2).

Follow this path for about 10 minutes, as it gently bends to the right, then the left, until you come to a crossroad junction where you turn sharp left (3) – there are usually timber stacks at this junction. This path has magnificent bluebells in spring on both sides.

After some bends in the path, you’ll eventually come to a sharp left-hand bend and junction. One path joins the track from the right, and another path goes straight ahead into the woods, in the direction you’ve been walking. Leave the track to join the path going straight ahead (4).

Follow this path until it joins the tarmac road. Turn left onto the tarmac (5) and stay on it to make your way back out the woods where you entered, and back to the car park.

Photographic Directions

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